About Throughcare Jigsaw

“Real support for ex-offenders and their families in reconciliation and restoration”

Working together on the Inside and out

In November 2008, nine of the many organisations in NSW which provide specialised support for those impacted by prison, joined together as a “federation” of services in the Through Care Jigsaw Group. A federation of organisations reaching out to help those who are either in prison, released from prison or who have a family member in prison. Through this collaboration, each organisation continues to specialise in doing what it was formed to do, and what it does best, but is able to offer specialised services from other federated organisations, to meet a wide range of needs.

The title ‘Jigsaw’ depicts the group completely. There are many pieces of the rehabilitation puzzle that need to be addressed both before and after release from prison.  There is now a growing number of organisations which have expressed interest in joining this expanding “federation” so as to enhance the effectiveness of all our services.

The Jigsaw Group works together for people in prison and those effected by it.

The initial signatories to the MOU, and the steering committee were representatives of the Samaritans Inn, Mission Australia, Anglicare, Prison Fellowship, Hillsong CityCare, Alpha Caring for Ex-Offenders, Kairos Prison Ministry, Unchained Ministries, the Samaritans Foundation and the NSW Corrective  Services Chaplaincy Department.

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