Extending Throughcare for Offenders

Case management at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) is based on a model of Throughcare which aims to ensure seamless service provision for prisoners.

Prisoners and their families are characterised by complex needs and high levels of social exclusion. An extended Throughcare model is critical to supporting the successful reintegration of offenders after release from prison, thereby seeking to reduce re-offending. The high and growing social and financial cost of imprisonment makes it imperative to put in place a coordinated support system to reduce re-offending and return to prison.

Engagement with the community

Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate has worked with Corrective Services, other concerned directorates and the Community Integration Governance Group over the last 18 months to develop a proposal for an extended Throughcare system to ensure continuity of service delivery beyond the corrections setting.

The Joint Government /Community Sector Working Group progressed the development of options through a number of consultative meetings with other government and community agencies, resulting in the report Seeing it Through: Options for improving offender outcomes in the community.

Based on the findings in the report, a paper proposing options for the co-ordination and governance of Throughcare was developed for consideration by Cabinet. In December 2011 Cabinet agreed to extend the Throughcare policy framework which supports offenders’ reintegration into the community. The framework seeks to recognise the diverse and complex needs of prisoner during transition into the community. The framework will focus on seamless service provision with a view to reducing the risk of re-offending behaviors.

Seeing it Through – Options for improving offender outcomes in the community [icn_word DOC 264.5KB]
Seeing it Through – Options for improving offender outcomes in the community [icn_pdf PDF 509.9KB]

Next Steps

Based on Government’s decision to extend the throughcare policy framework, Chief Minister and Cabinet Division will meet the key Government and community stakeholders in early 2012 to discuss timeframes and next steps to progress the policy framework.

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