International Network of Prison Ministries

INPM provide easy access for inmates and their families to get effective help from the prison ministries which best serve their needs. They can find counseling services in their area, or they can locate a ministry to request literature, Bible study courses or simply request prayer support.

Their aim is to provide easy access for prison ministries to discover each other, and to allow members to communicate with each other using spam-free Secure Email Forms of the network simplifying exchange of experience and news.

They are able to introduce prison ministries to Christian society. At this website Internet users have the opportunity to learn about each member of the network in order to select a ministry to support according to their vision. read more

Coming Home For Good:

Meeting the Challenge of Prisoner Reentry in New Jersey – Final Report of the New Jersey Reentry Roundtable – Care About Prisoner Reentry read more

Welcome Home Reentry Program – Washington DC

Volunteer mentors live the Gospel mandate of serving those most in need and stigmatized by society. Through one-on-one support, individuals returning home from incarceration are reducing the obstacles they face. With a mentor, they navigate barriers and receive the spiritual and social support necessary in encouraging them to lead meaningful lives that include productive employment, pro-social activities, and healthy relationships. read more

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