Addictions and Rehabilitation

The Addiction Recovery Guide assists individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism find help that best suits their needs. From evaluation to residential treatment, the guide lists a range of outstanding programs and resources. To seek online help from others in recovery and to share your success story, visit the message boardread more

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Guide Centres Listing

Treatment for Trauma and Depression – Mayumarri runs affordable 5-day programs for men and women who have experienced childhood trauma. Our mission is to ensure that sufferers become survivors, so they can go on to fulfil their true potential in life. Healing from trauma and abuse takes everything you’ve got, but you’ve got everything it takes. read more

Druginfo is the official NSW Government website on drug issues. It outlines Government policies on drugs including factsheets on illicit drugs, information on legal issues, plus information on the role of parents, families, and the broader community in reducing drug abuse. read more

A National Directory of Contacts for Services Helping to Combat Drug and Alcohol Problems

Detoxification and Rehabilitation Services available to SE Sydney Residents – read more for a printable list

Sydney Detoxification Clinics

Toll free referal service: (1800 422599) Some clinics only offer home based detoxification; if have little or no support and have played a bit to hard of late a medical detox might be the way to go.

Alcohol & Drug Info Service – 1800 422 599

RPA Detox Services – Camperdown – (02) 9515 7181

Gorman House – Surrey Hills – (02) 9361 2669

Herbert St – St Leonards – (02) 9906 7083

Jarrah House (Female) – Little Bay – (02) 9661 6555

Langton – Darlinghurst – (02) 9332 8777

McKinnon – Rozelle – (02) 9556 9241

Wistera – Parramatta – (02) 9840 3462

Kathleen York House (female) – (02) 9660 5818

Clinics offering a range of Detox and/or Rehabilitation Services:

The folowing is a brief list of specific hospitals and centres available. For a more extensive list consult the guides and directories listed above.

Psych N Soul offers addiction treatment and psychological services for Heroin/Methodone, Cocaine, Cannabis, Amphetamines, Alcohol and Smoking.

South Pacific Private Rehabilitation Hospital offers a range of treatments for a broard range of addictions. The website contains a comprehensive information database covering the range of addictions it offers treatment for.

Odyssey House was founded in 1977 and provides residential and non-residential rehabilitation programs for men and women with a drug, alcohol or gambling problem. When appropriate, the dependent children of residents participating in the program may also receive accommodation and support to help minimise the adverse effects of their parent’s problems.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay is an intensive, private, confidential and discreet therapeutic retreat that specialises in treatment of alcohol and drug dependence including detox and withdrawal from drugs and alcohol; prescription drugs.

St John of God Hospital – Richmond provides a diverse range of specialised psychiatric programs on an inpatient, day patient and outpatient basis covering * Drug and alcohol addiction * Anxiety and depression * Perinatal Women’s Mental health * Mood disorders * Personality disorders * Psychogeriatric and psychotic disorders * Post traumatic stress disorder.

Freemans House (St. Vincents De Paul) Armidale (State Council) assisted men and women who were seeking rehabilitation from drug and alcohol programs, or were homeless or at risk of homelessness. Plans are underway to completely rebuild the premises to increase their capacity.

Some useful websites

• Australian Drug Foundation:
• Australian Drug Information Network:
• Family Drug Support at:
• Make a Noise:
• Community Builders:
• NSW Health:
• Counselling On-line:
• Australian National Council on Drugs:
• National Drugs Campaign:
• Alcoholics Anonymous:
• Narcotics Anonymous:

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