Physical and Mental Well Being

Physical and Mental Health

Lifeline (phone 13 11 14) connects people with care by providing services in Suicide Prevention, Crisis Support and Mental Health Support. Talk to someone today if you feel you aren’t coping and reach out to others if you can provide support. Read more

New South Wales public health services include more than 220 public hospitals, 500 community, family and children’s health centres, 220 ambulance stations, and an extensive range of other services including mental health, dental, allied health, public health, Aboriginal health and multicultural health services.

There are eight Area Health Services in NSW that have the main responsibility for health care delivery in a wide range of settings, from primary care posts in the remote outback and rural areas to metropolitan tertiary health centres.

Metropolitan Area Health Services

Anger Management If anger is damaging your relationships, this site will provide you with information about the underlying causes of anger and what you can do obtain help together with some handy contact numbers. Read more

Reach Out can help you by improving your understanding of the issues that relate to your mental health and wellbeing and providing information to better understand other people’s experiences. Reach Out also has information on how you can get the best help from services, as well as opportunities for you to connect with other  people like you. Read more

The Richmond Fellowship of New South Wales (RFNSW) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support programs, accommodation and hope for people with mental illnesses. With offices in Sydney, regional and rural areas around New South Wales, the RFNSW advocates community based assistance, and enjoys a distinguished reputation as a leading mental health service provider that has been in operation for nearly 40 years. The Richmond Fellowship of NSW aims to enhance the lives of people affected by mental illness.  This is achieved through a range of programs which focus on community based recovery within an accommodation support framework. With highly skilled personnel, the RFNSW works with a number of partners to deliver services, lobbies government for increased resources and promotes positive attitudes towards mental illness in the community. Read more

GROW is a community of persons working towards mental health through mutual help and a 12 Step Program of recovery. Small groups of people who have experienced depression, anxiety or other mental or emotional distress, meet together on a weekly basis to help each other deal with the challenges of life. Some people come to GROW while struggling with the loss of a job, a loved one or a relationship. Find out where GROW is meeting close to you. Read more



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