Chain Breakers

ChainBreakers Shed

Contact: Paul Leary – Service Manager  9638 7955 or 0425 223 808

The ChainBreakers Recovery Shed provides a supportive rehabilitative environment for ex-offenders, addressing re-offending risk factors in the context of employment, relationships and social skills. The ChainBreakers Shed provides a  healthy and safe recovery environment,  a ‘play ground’ for recovering men to attend and enable them to make new & safe ‘playmates’, thus providing intergenerational mentoring opportunities. You can visit here – Chain Breakers Shed

The shed is manned by volunteers from the local area. These volunteers are retired men who have a background and interest in handyman skills and various hobby interests. It is operated on a roster basis, to ensure optimum use and responsibility of the resources. To learn more about Chain Breakers visit their website, Chain Breakers Recovery


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