Australian Red Cross

Contact: Elizabeth Cowan – Program Dev. Officer, Social Inclusions Program,

(02) 9290 8921

Red Cross is always there for people in need, providing relief in times of crisis and care for the most vulnerable in Australia and around the world.  In times of conflict or natural disaster our volunteers are committed to putting our humanitarian values to work, offering practical assistance and support at any time of the day or night – no questions asked.  read more

1 in every 200 Australians are homeless. More than 160,000 Australians experience homelessness every year

Homelessness has many causes – poverty, unemployment, domestic violence and a lack of affordable housing to name a few. For those affected, it can mean the loss of their most basic human rights – loss of contact with family, lack of access to personal amenities and vulnerability to unemployment and chronic ill-health.

Red Cross recognises homeless people are a particularly vulnerable and marginalised group in the Australian community, and operates a number of programs as part of a wider response to these needs. read more

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