Prison Fellowship

Contact: Richard Feeney – State Executive Director (02) 9896 1255

Extent of Ministry

Correctional Centres:

  • Visits to inmates – building relationships and disciple them towards Christ
  • Programs run within Correctional Centres. e.g. a bible study
  • Assisting Chaplains with their services
  • Sponsorship of inmates for Day Release
  • Writing letters to inmates to encourage and disciple them
  • Mentor inmates in their transition from incarceration back into the community


  • Lending listening ears and a caring hearts to those in need
  • Serving refreshments in the court foyer and the court holding cells


  • Follow-up families of inmates, using established contact procedures
  • Provision of Christmas gifts and follow-up of families through Angel Tree
  • Ministery to children of inmates through the WerX program
  • Assisting families wanting to visit an inmate


  • reconciling victims and offenders through Sycamore Tree Project
  • restoring relationships through Angel Tree
  • encouraging spiritual, emotional and social growth through theWerX program


  • Provide ministry opportunities within their community
  • Resource and train church members for In-Prison ministry
  • Support for churches with members affected by crime eg ex-inmates, families, victims
  • Promotion of a Christlike approach to social and criminal justice

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